Five Star Process



 Our popcorn removal process begins with proper prep work to minimize dust and debris. The homeowners' usually clear the rooms of 70% furniture and belongings. We assist with moving heavy furniture if needed. We then apply floor protection, mask off  the floors with plastic sheeting and 3M contractors grade masking tape. We mask off the walls, door openings, wood finishes and ceiling fixtures with plastic and blue tape.



 We mist the existing texture with warm water  and carefully remove the popcorn texture down to the original drywall surface without damaging the drywall material. Previously painted over popcorn ceilings are be more difficult to remove. 



Once the popcorn texture is removed from the ceiling, we then replace and refinish any bad tape joints.  Removing these tape joints is a vital step as bad tape joints will be visible even after new texture is applied. 
If adding recessed LED lighting, we cut out any drywall, install and patch as needed before the new texture is applied to the refinished ceiling. 

Apply texture


 A knock down or orange peel texture is applied with one of our commercial spray rigs. A smooth finish is commonly requested and can also be done for an additional cost.  A considerable amount of additional finishing work is required to achieve a desirable smooth finish. 



 We do offer painting services. A high quality stain blocking primer and paint can be applied after spray texturing. Leaving you with a bright white modern ceiling.  We also offer oil based primer as an option for older homes.

Clean up


 Clean up is a breeze. We take it all with us! All debris, scrap materials and prep work is hauled off by us. Your home may even be cleaner than before we arrived.